1st March 2023

Work towards the launch of The Robin Hood 500 is progressing well.
Our publisher, Extremis, are about to launch pre- orders to their book stores. It should be on sale through shops and on-line early in April.

Elaine and I have been out and about filming promotional videos for them.
We have been to Edwinstowe, where there are a real hot-spot of Robin Hood locations, including The Major Oak, and the official Visitor Centre, run by the RSPB.

We have also been to Beauvale Priory. This has a natural spring, possibly linked to a pagan past, named after Robin Hood. It also has connections with Lady Chatterley’s Lover, as DH Lawrence based his gamekeepers hut on a summerhouse in these woods.

The Robin Hood Highlights Itinerary is already on the 500RH website. I am a keen motorcyclist, so I have added a motorcycling itinerary to the members area.

I am well on the way to completing a walkers itinerary. This will suggest at least one walk on each day of your 500RH journey. This is taking a little time, as I am checking each of the suggested routes.


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